Art and Experience: A large number of artists and friends gathered for a meeting at the Iranian House of Cinema on Wednesday to pay tribute to veteran screen and stage actor Ferdows Kaviani.

Kaviani who is famous for his role in the TV series “The Couples” co-directed by Bijan Birang and Masud Rasam is suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

“Some actors give all their hearts and soul in acting, and Kaviani made use of his lifetime experience to make us familiar with life’s difficulties and help lessen our pains in life. He has brought us a smile, and has forced us to add more days to the productive days of our lives,” filmmaker Masud Jafari Jozani said at the meeting.

Actor Hamid Jebbeli was called on stage to talk about his friend.

“We do not learn from words and advice but from behaviors. We also learned a lot from Kaviani such as discipline, respect and politeness,” Jebelli said.

Director Hassan Fat’hi in a video message talked about Kaviani and said, “I was 18 when I became familiar with master Kaviani in his classes where he taught theater. His assistance and encouragement played a significant role in the formation of my art and cultural future and fate. We learned to discover our personal talents in our lives far from rivalry.”

Actor Alireza Khamseh called Kaviani a great comedian who knew both comedy and tragedy.

Mehraneh Mahin Torabi who was Kaviani’s costar in the nostalgic TV series “The Couples” called him a fine and praiseworthy colleague.

“When I was invited to this ceremony I came with all my heart to say that actors need to be honored while they are still alive. I deeply hope he becomes better and can act in front of the camera once again,” she added.

Due to his illness, Kaviani could not attend the ceremony and talked to the audience through a video message.

“I do not feel well. I have not been working for years due to my current condition. I am very thankful to you dear ones who have been asking about my health. You give me energy and happiness,” he said.

Kaviani’s daughter Armita also thanked the audience and said, “I am sorry that my dad was not able to attend the ceremony. I learned love from him; he has always been in love with the people of his homeland. I learned deep love from him, and I hope I can be like my dad.”

Source: Tehran times