Art and Experience: A lineup of six Iranian films will go on screen at the Middle East Now, an international festival of cinema, visual arts, music, food and culture from the Middle East and North Africa, which will open in Florence, Italy on Tuesday.

The lineup includes short films “City as Art” by Aliyar Rasti, “Pale Mirrors” by Salem Salavati, “White House” by Arastu Mafakheri and “Simulation” by Abed Abest.

“Parting”, a joint production of Iran and Afghanistan by Navid Mahmudi, and “Take Me Home” by Abbas Kiarostami are also among the films.

In addition, three books by Italian authors about Iran will be introduced during the event, which will run until April 9.

“The Great Iran” by Giuseppe Acconcia, “Iran Unveiled” by Fabrizio Cassinelli and “Iran over Iran” by Alberto Zanconato will be presented on April 8 during a program entitled “Iran to Know”.