Art and Experience: A number of Iranian movies will be competing in international events around the world during October and the remainder of September.

Narges Abyar’s anti-war drama “Breath” and “Chocolate” by Soheil Movaffaq will be screened at the Canada Kids Film Festival, which is scheduled to be held from September 22 to 24.

“The Rock”, a documentary by Hamid Jafari, will compete in the 15th Matsalu Nature Film Festival that will be held in Estonia from September 20 to 24. The film is about a woman in southern Iran who goes to the mountain of the village every day, breaks up rocks, puts the stones on a truck and makes a living out of it for her family.

The animated movie “Release from Heaven” by Ali Nuri Oskui has received a nomination at the Fimucité – Tenerife International Film Music Festival in Spain. Mohammadreza Aliqoli is the composer of the music for the film.

The festival will announce winners on September 30.

Source: tehrantimes