Art and Experience: Three Iranian films will be screened in the various sections of the 4th Viva Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina during September.

“Sultan’s Territory” by Ruhollah Molavi will be competing in the Environmental films category.

The documentary is about Bahram Pustinduz, a hunter that scares or kills birds threatening planes flying at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport.

“Hoomaeeta” by Fariba Najafi will also be screened in this section. The film is about a group of missing, thirsty, wounded soldiers on the battlefield that look for water.

The Tour Films category will screen “Flag” by Mohammad-Hadi Esfandiari. The short documentary traces the chalipa motifs in the life of Qashqai nomads in Iran.

“A Beautiful Woman” by Seyyed Sajjad Musavi will be competing in the Religious Films category. The short drama is about Ziba, a beautiful young woman is in court with her daughter dreaming of a new life.

The Viva Film Festival will take place in Sarajevo and 11 other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina from September 12 to 16.

Source: Tehran Times