Art and Experience: The Iranian short films “The Other”, “Olfa Square” and “Intense” were awarded at the Venice Intercultural Film Festival 2020, the organizers have announced.

“The Other” by Saman Hosseinpur and Ako Zandkarimi and “Jolfa Square” by Sina Khanahmadi each won the award for Best Silent Film.

The award for Best Short Documentary on Women went to “Intense” by Shirin Sabur.

In “Intense”, Nader’s house is to be demolished soon and his daughter Zahra, who has down-syndrome, is sick.  Nader calls Najmeh (his sister) and asks her for help packing.  She arrives at his house and discovers a terrible truth.

“Jolfa Square” is about Jolfa Square in Isfahan and its people.

“The Other” tells the story of a traditional man accuses his wife of disloyalty.

The organizers announced that because of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country there will be a screening program of the award-winning movies on May 29 following the health instructions of the Italian authorities.

“Entre deux eaux” by Patrice Cordonnier from France won the award for Best Short Film, and the award for Best Short Documentary went to “Mountain, Priest, Son” by John Seddon and Vaibhav Kaul from India.

Source: Tehrantimes