Art and Experience: Iranian filmmakers Saeid Nejati and Alireza Ravadeh have recently completed their project on Börklüce Mustafa, the Turkish revolutionary in the early fifteenth century who advocated common use of property.

His film entitled “It’s Raining Lightly” is part of a large special program arranged by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to mark the six-hundredth anniversary of Börklüce’s uprising, Nejati said in a press release on Wednesday.

The story of the short film is set in the 1960s at a village school, in which students help their teacher with social issues.

The program aimed to turn the spotlight on Börklüce Mustafa and his uprising through films produced by directors from different cultures.

The filmmakers from Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Palestine also made four other short films about the issue.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also organized the International Börklüce Mustafa Symposium from June 2 to 5.

Börklüce Mustafa was a follower of Sheikh Bedreddin, an Ottoman theologian, jurist and mystic whose social doctrines of communal ownership of property led to a large-scale popular uprising.

In 1416, Börklüce founded a religious sect advocating community ownership, social and judicial equality and pacifism.

The peasants of Karaburun/Stylarion (Izmir) rose up under the leadership of Börklüce Mustafa, but the Ottoman armies under the command of Royal Prince
Murad crushed the uprising, killed Börklüce Mustafa and later hung Sheikh Bedreddin.