Art and ExperienceIranian director Shiva Sanjari has won the Female Pioneer Award for her documentary biopic ‘Here the Seats Are Vacant’ at the 9th DTLA Film Festival in US.

‘Here the Seats Are Vacant’ is a 60-minute long narration of the past and present life of one of the actresses and former filmmakers of Iranian cinema.

DTLA Film Festival (Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles) aims at showcasing a wide array of independent film and filmmakers from throughout the US and abroad with a primary focus on those that explore the history, architecture, cultural diversity and contemporary social and political issues of the modern urban landscape.

Established in 2007, DTLA Film Festival was proclaimed by L.A. Weekly to be among the Top 5 Film Festivals in Los Angeles.

The ninth edition of the event was held on September 21-30, 2017, in Los Angeles, US.

Source: mehrnews