Art and Experience: Iranian director Masoud Bakhshi has decided to cancel the participation of his feature ‘Yalda’ at Sundance Film Festival in the US.

In a letter to Robert Redford, the founder of Sundance Film Festival, Iranian filmmaker Masoud Bakhshi voiced his decision to cancel the participation of his feature film ‘Yalda’ at this year’s edition of the American film festival, slated for Jan. 23 – Feb. 2.

“Under the current circumstances, I decided to cancel my participation at your festival to stay with my people who have been under sanctions, pressure, and bans by all sick warmongers,” he wrote in the letter.

“Please convey my greetings to Mr. Robert Redford. He called your president a dictator that tramples on all the values the Americans once prided themselves on. The Iranians understand this, hopefully, the Americans will, too,” the filmmaker added.

“We are living in dark times, and we need the light of culture more than ever. Hope your festival can shine a light on that darkness,” he concluded.

Source: Mehrnews