Art and Experience:

The Iranian film “Who are we?” received two major awards at the Canadian Cinematography Awards in Toronto, Canada.

The Iranian feature film, directed by Abolhassan Keivan, competed with hundreds of films from different countries of the world in this event and finally won the title of the best film and the best cinematography at this festival.

Last year, “Who are we?” also won two awards for best film and one award for best producer at three international film festivals in the United States, France, and the Netherlands.

Canadian Cinematography Awards (CaCA) officially called the “Golden Eagle” is an award in the form of a statuette for outstanding achievements in the field of cinematography.

It is a monthly film competition for filmmakers worldwide.

The event supports new and student filmmakers, who are just beginning their careers with a supportive and enthusiastic audience for their creative efforts and giving them access to film industry professionals who can offer guidance and other forms of career assistance.

Source: Mehrnews