Art and Experience:

 Fifteen filmmakers will be competing in the Iranian Film Festival Zurich, as the organizers have announced the official lineup.

The festival is scheduled to take place in the Swiss city from May 26 to June 3.

Among the films is “The Blue Girl” directed by Keivan Majidi.

In a remote village between the rocky mountains in Kordestan, everyone is in love with football, but there is no level field upon which to play the game. The children decide to climb up the mountain in order to find somewhere to play the game.

“Killer Spider” is another highlight of the lineup.

Directed by Ebrahim Irajzad, the film is about Saeid, a forty-year-old mason, who is severe and fanatical in his religious beliefs. One day his wife is accosted by a driver who assumes she is a prostitute. Seething with rage, Saeid seeks revenge. In so doing he gets into various bruising encounters, and each time comes out the worse. He then goes on to see women, and especially prostitutes, as the root of all evil and decides to rid society of sin by eliminating whores. The prostitutes he eliminates are, however, merely destitute women forced to sell their bodies in order to feed their children.

“Old Men Never Die” directed by Reza Jamali will also compete in this festival.

It is about 100-year-old Aslan, the head of a death squad in his youth, who lives with his other single old fellows in a remote village. Since he came to the village 45 years ago, nobody has ever died there! Now, most of the population consists of old and disabled men. All being done with life, they believe the only way to bring death back to the village is to commit suicide!

The lineup also includes “Amphibious” by Borzu Niknejad. The film intends to show some people are amphibians; half spirit and half animal … as spirits they belong to the eternal world, but as animals they inhabit time. If they don’t sneak underwater, they’ll get squashed!

Source: Tehrantimes