Art and Experience: Iranian film “Drum” directed by Keywan Karimi won Special Jury Award at International Visionary Film Festival in Berlin, Germany.

“Drum” is the first Karimi’s feature film that has been screened in the competition section of International Visionary Film Festival in Berlin and won Special Jury Award.

Visionary Film Festival was held from April 27 to May 1 in Berlin.

The “Drum” was accepted in the competition section of the Critic’s Week of the 73rd Venice International Film Festival and competed in several film festivals including Napoli Film Festival in Italy.

The film depicts the story of a lawyer in Tehran City. The lawyer, as many others, works and lives alone in his apartment, which is both his office and his home. In a cold and rainy day, a man burst into his apartment, speaks to him shortly and confusingly and gives him a package that will completely change his life.

The film is shot in black and white. The atmosphere is dreamlike, the characters have no name, neither the streets.

Source: ISNA