Art and Experience: ‘Madame’, a documentary feature by Narges Kharghani has made it to the competitive category of the 16th edition of Great Lakes International Film Festival.

Great Lakes International Film Festival will be held in Pennsylvania, USA from September 20 to September 30. The winners will be announced on September 30.

This marks the second screening of Madame in an international festival. Previously the documentary was nominated to receive the award for best film in Los Angeles CineFest.

Madame is the first documentary feature by Narges Kharghani. Previously, this filmmaker had showcased two short films titled Screenplay and My Sister’s Photo in several international festivals.

Kharghani’s documentary centers on the life and memories of a Polish woman named Maria who is among the last polish survivors in Iran, immigrating to the country about 75 years ago.

The Great Lakes International Film Festival is a division of the United Arts Media Group/Great Lakes Film Association, a nonprofit organization. The festival is dedicated to showcase independent films in the digital medium and to presenting the works of independent filmmakers and outstanding achievements in cinema.

Source: mehrnews