Art and ExperienceThis interview was held in Ferdowsi Hotel. Ginella Vocca is from Rome, Italy. She is the president of Medfilm Festival. It is the first Italian event dedicated to the promotion and the diffusion of the Mediterranean motion picture industry. She came to Iran for the second time.

What motivated you to come to Iran?

I am here for choosing some Iranian movies for our festival this year. In addition, I am going to hold an Iranian cinema review in Medfilm Festival soon so it is the other reason that I came to Iran.

How do you evaluate the ambience of the 34th Fajr International Film Festival?

The atmosphere is good. It is very friendly and I can see people from all around the world here. It is a big festival. There are many guests here. But, I just arrived yesterday so cannot say more than this at the moment.

What films have you seen in the festival from yesterday by now?

I have not seen any movies in the festival yet but I have a list of Iranian films that I am going to watch them.

This year the festival organizers decided to hold this event in heart of Tehran. What is your thought on it?

It is great to hold this festival in the centre of Tehran. I think it is very important for guests to visit historical places and see the real life in Tehran. I am happy that we are in the heart of Tehran. By this way, we can understand Iranian people more effective.

This year for the second successive years, the international section of the festival is held separated from national section. Do you think holding the event in this way is better?

I am not sure if I like the separation of international and national sections.

Medfilm Festival has a great focus on Middle East cinema. Please let us know more about your festival and its policy?

Every year we have some films in our festival from Middle East and Last year an Iranian director won our Jury Special Prize. It was Impermanent from Amir Azizi. It is the first Italian event dedicated to the promotion and the diffusion of the Mediterranean motion picture industry.

You should know Iranian Cinema because of your nature of festival. Who is your favorite Iranian director?

I have seen many Iranian movies. I know Farhadi, Kiarostami and many young Iranian directors but I cannot recall their names at the moment. However, I would say the whole Iranian cinema is so interesting. I think cultural concerns make Iranian directors to become more creative in their movies. It is like a small plate with a huge amount of delicious foods on it.