Art and Experience: Iranian director Amin Behruzi plans to stage “Days Without Rain”, currently on stage at Tehran’s Sayeh Hall, in Tbilisi in the near future.

The play will be performed by a cast of Iranian and Georgian actors at the Globe Theater by invitation of Georgian director Sandro Mrevlishvili who saw the play during the 34th Fajr International Theater Festival this year in February in Tehran, Behruzi told the Persian service of MNA on Monday.

Behruzi has recently visited the Globe Theater to begin casting.

“The Globe Theater, which contains groups of theater graduates and professional thespians, has made appropriate preparations for the project,” he said.

“On my first visit, I met some of them and selected four actors and did preliminary rehearsals,” he added.

He said that the Georgian actors are very strongly motivated for the project. “They had read the play several times before I met them,” he added.

Behruzi said that he has good relations with the Georgian members of the cast and they have been able to understand the play, despite its local plot.

“Days Without Rain” is about Puria, a young man who is faced with the dilemma of choosing between surgery on his head, which may cost him his memory, or living for a short time with his lover and all his good memories of their relationship.