Art and ExperienceTwo Iranian films of ‘Searing Summer’ by Ebrahim Irajzad’ and ‘Untaken Paths’ by Tahmineh Milani have been nominated for the Best Film Award at Beijing International Film Festival.

The 8th edition of Beijing International Film Festival, which is one of the best film festivals in Asia, started yesterday April 15 and will continue until April 22, 2018 in the capital city of China Beijing.

The best films will receive Tiantan Award.

The ‘Searing Summer’ tells the story of a married woman called Nasrin who wants to get a divorce but knows she won’t be able to get custody of her six-year-old daughter in the case. Without her husband knowing, she moves to another part of town with her daughter. When her husband catches up with her, their lives take an unexpected turn.

Tahmineh Milani’s filme shows the story of Mali, a young girl, who meets Sia and starts a secret relationship with him. Soon Mali’s traditional family find out about their relationship. According to the cultural rules, the only way she can continue her relationship with Sia, is for them to get married. Despite disapproval of Mali’s family, it happens very quickly. Sia, incapable of managing his new life, starts practicing his father’s methods with using physical violence on Mali. Now Mali, with destructed self-confidence and personality and losing her family’s support, becomes more and more depressed as each day goes by…

The two Iranian films have been nominated along with two Chinese films to receive the best award of the festival.

Last year at the 7th edition of the festival, Iranian actress Golab Adineh won Best Actress award for her inspiring performance in the Iranian film ‘Abji.’

Source: mehrnews