Art and ExperienceIranian Cinema Organization has taken ten titles to the Cannes Film Market in France.

The Iranian Cinema Organization has offered four feature films, two animations and four documentaries at the French market.

The organization which is one of the most influential feature film, documentary, animation and short film producers and distributors in Iran has held an exclusive pavilion in the film market of the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

‘Underwater Cypress’, ‘Skier’, ‘Dayan’, and ‘Colchicum’ are the presented Iranian feature films.

The offered documentaries are ‘Path of Heart’, Edward’, ‘Paternal Heritage’, and ‘Oboist’.

There are also some short films, including ‘The Man Who Forgot to Breathe’, ‘Duel’, ‘Mother’, and ‘So Simple’.

The Cannes is one of the world’s most publicized film events which aims at drawing attention to and raise the profile of movies in order to contribute towards the development of cinema.

The 71st annual edition of the event, currently running, will come to conclusion on May 19, 2018, in Cannes, France.

Source: ifilmtv