Art and Experience:

It is deceptively simple to make a film about children, but it is one of the most popular subjects for directors.

Cuteness and affection have always been an integral part of the world of children. This awe-inspiring quality catches the audience’s attention and could be a key factor in the success of a film.

Centering on children’s vulnerability could raise the level of empathy and sympathy of people who tend to be more alarmed when a child is involved in a particular situation.

Some Iranian filmmakers have exploited this quality to the fullest, leading to their worldwide success.

However, most of these Iranian films by popular filmmakers, target children and are made about them and with them, but they are not necessarily made for them.

Many awards, accolades, and global acceptance have been won by these films during national and international events and they have been well received worldwide.

The following is a list of the top Iranian films about children, a film lover needs to watch, whether a child or an adult.

Source: Tehrantimes