Art and ExperienceA number of Iranian celebrities have voiced their strong opposition to the Saudi regime’s war crimes against the people of Yemen, particularly the youth. Here is an excerpt from their reactions:

Fariba Motekhasses: ‘The Yemen crises needs to be addressed at the root of the problem. War always has and will be despicable, especially when innocent children are being murdered.’

Sepand Amir-Soleymani: ‘No child in any part of the world should ever have to be subject to any form of mental or physical harassment and everyone needs to stand up to this problem.’

Bahman Dan: ‘The killing of innocent children in Yemen is the wicked agenda of governments who seek to show off their ‘power’ to other countries.’

Parvaneh Masoumi: ‘Witnessing these killings and war crimes is very heart-wrenching. Ending the war in Yemen is a wish we all share.’

Farhad Azima: ‘The people of Yemen have proved time and again in their war with the Saudi regime that they are able to win, even with an empty hand.’

Mohammad Asgari: ‘Any human being with some sense and intelligence will condemn these war crimes, and only those individuals who are savage and barbaric by nature will justify these atrocities.’

Aliram Nouraee: ‘The definition of American and Western Democracy: Two years of outright silence in response to the Saudi regime’s war crimes in Yemen, yet making a big deal about an incident regarding a Saudi journalist in order to pressure the Saudi regime to lower the price of oil and to score points from the regime.’

The Saudi Arabian regime and its allies launched a brutal war against Yemen in March 2015, which according to some sources, has claimed the lives of over 56,000 people, leaving 22.2 million people in dire need of food, 8.4 million people under the threat of severe hunger, and over 14 million people at a severe risk of famine. The conflict is ongoing with people around the world voicing their concerns on a daily basis.

Source: ifilmtv