Art and Experience: Animator brothers Babak and Behnud Nekui, who co-directed the acclaimed movie “Stripy”, have begun making a 104-episode series that highlights the undying conflict between foxes and roosters in Persian folk culture.

Nekuis’ studio, Gonbad Caboud, has received the commission for the series titled “The Fox and the Rooster” from the Saba Animation Center.

“The series, which has no dialogue, tells stories from the everlasting conflict between fox and rooster,” Behnud said in a press release published by the center on Sunday.

“The stories are set in a farm where a rooster lives in peace with his family while a fox in their neighborhood intends to ruin the peaceful atmosphere,” he added.

“The fox and the rooster have symbolic meanings in Persian classical literature and culture,” Babak stated.

“The fox symbolizes cunning and artfulness and rooster represents prudence and waking up early,” he added.

He said that quality is their main priority in the series and noted, “Our aim is not only to attract audiences in the country, but also we intend to attract     audiences elsewhere in the world.”

Children under seven are the target audience of the series, Saba Director Morteza Shamsi said.

“The center used to convey educational messages in its previous productions, but now we intend to produce animations like ‘The Fox and the Rooster’ that seek to entertain children,” he stated.

Gonbad Caboud’s “Stripy”, about a factory worker who has tolerated boring daily routines for a long time but suddenly decides to make a change, was screened at the 17th Annual Animation Show of Shows at the ArcLight Hollywood in 2015.

The movie won the award for best feature animation at the 17th Iran Cinema Celebration in 2015.