Art and Experience: Iranian director Ravanbakhsh Sadeqi has blended folk stories from Iran and the West to make his 3D movie named “Thief of Dreams”.

The movie, whose screenplay has been written by Hamidreza Hafezi, is scheduled to be released next summer, said Sadeqi who is also the producer of the project.

“The screenplay has been approved by the Farabi Cinema Foundation,” he noted.

“A good animation is one that attracts both children and adults. However, making an animation for Iranian cinema is very hard and requires a big budget,” he said.

He said that they are planning to negotiate with several international film companies, however, the sanctions on Iran have made it difficult for Iran to attract foreign investors.

“We also negotiated with a Chinese company for collaboration but the project was halted due to the coronavirus outbreak,” he said.

Source: Tehrantimes