Art and Experience: Iranian musician and vocalist Reza Sadeqi has been working on a new project for the movie ‘Astigmatism’.

The singer’s latest piece is based on Majid-Reza Mostafavi’s film which is soon to be publicly screened in Iranian cinema halls.

The production stage for the musical piece is halfway through and it is bound to release prior to the film’s premiere.

Born in 1979, Sadeqi is a pop singer and songwriter. He had his first album early on as a teenager. Since then, he has had a plethora of works well-received nationwide.

Sadeqi has sung the music for a number of Iranian series some of which have been aired by ifilm, including ‘Hereafter’ and ‘Chimney’.

Directed by Majid-Reza Mostafavi and co-written by Payam Karami, ‘Astigmatism’ is a social drama.

The movie narrates the story of a wife and her husband, Ensi and Zabin, who live in the suburbs of Tehran and expect a baby; however, the destiny is not as they could predict.

Notable among the movie’s cast are Hossein Pakdel, Siamak Safari, Hessam Mohammadi, Niki Karimi, and Behnoush Bakhtiyari.

Source: ifilmtv