Art and ExperienceIran vocalist Ali-Reza Qorbani has been picked to sing score for new feature film ‘Suppression’.

Directed by Reza Gouran, the new film project has selected Ali-Reza Qorbani to sing and Arash Gouran will compose the music piece for the score.

Born in 1972, Qorbani started off with reciting verses of the holy Quran early on in childhood. He made his way to the arena of singing when he was 12. Since then, he has recorded several albums.

Qorbani also has so far sung for various films and series, including ‘The British Briefcase’, ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘The Recluse’, ‘Leila’s Loneliness’ and ‘Zero Degree Turn’ all of which have been aired by ifilm.

A brief synopsis for ‘Suppression’ reads, “They did something that made loyalty all of our habit. Now, we are all loyal but the one we are faithful to has been long dead.”

Some of the cast members of the flick are Sara Bahrami, Baran Kowsari, Elham Korda, Pardis Ahmadieh, Roya Afshar and Jamshid Hashempour.

According to a media report, the film which is Reza Gouran’s first feature film experience is planned to be ready to attend the 37th Fajr Film Festival in Iran

Source: ifilmtv