Online series Kashokhin (Clash) co-produced by Iran and the UAE is bound to be released soon.

The Iran-UAE series directed by Keivan Mohseni has a mix of stars from Iran as well as other countries, including Miss Asia contestant Valeriya Tsvietok from Moldova.

The 11-episode series will be released on the net in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates during Nowruz or Persian New Year holidays (starting March 20).

The co-production is an action thriller featuring indigenous landscapes. It narrates the story of a dealer who wants to take revenge on the one who murdered his friend.

Keivan Mohseni is an indie short film director in Iran. He has made seven short and documentary films until now, attending a great number of international festivals. He makes his films with small budgets and shoulders major responsibilities in his filmmaking.

The short doc ‘Kayeh’ as well as short films ‘Out of This’ and ‘Bog’ are among his works acclaimed in festivals around the world.