Art and Experience:  Iran’s Farabi Cinema Foundation has announced a plan to support film adaptations of the acclaimed stories published after the victory of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

In a press released published on Tuesday, Farabi’s Cultural and Research Department Director Habib Ilbeigi said that the top 10 adaptations will be selected from the submissions, which must be sent only by producers.

Support will be in the form of financial aid and lower-interest loans, which will be granted to the producers in several phases.

“In fact, we intend to support the post-revolution stories, which have been highly acclaimed; prize-winning and bestselling stories are high on our list of priorities,” he added.

After the plots are approved by Farabi, the producers each will receive from 300 to 500 million rials (over $7,000 to about $12,000) to acquire the rights to the books from their writers.

The producers will then receive from 300 to 400 million rials (over $7,000 to over $9,500) to pay screenwriters to write the screenplays.

Farabi can allocate a maximum of 10 billion rials (about $240,000) as its shareholding in the production of each film after the screenplays are approved.

Those plots that help increase “public hope and trust” and reinforce “self-respect and national power” and promote “the family institution” will be high on Farabi’s list of priorities.

Farabi has confined the plots to 12 genres, in which sports, fantasy and mythological stories, science fiction, action-adventure, and road literature are high on the list of priorities.

If each story after production can obtain a screening license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, its producer will be rewarded with 500 million to 800 million rials (about $12,000 to over $19,000).

If each production can win a best film award or best screenplay award in the A-list film events, its screenwriter and producer will receive further rewards from Farabi.

Source: Tehrantimes