Art and ExperienceIran short film ‘Zona’ has succeeded to win the Golden Knight award at the 56th Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival 2018.

Directed by Toufan Nahan-Qodrati, the short film tells the story of a man who loses himself to the point of becoming an enemy to his loved ones.

The short has previously won an award for best short film at the 19th Fiaticorti Film Festival in Italy.

“The director conducts the narration in an essential and convincing way supported by the excellent acting and by photography that illuminates the protagonist’s journey with a realistic and at the same time poetic angle,” Fiaticorti Film Festival wrote about ‘Zona’.

The Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival aims to foster the hobby of amateur film making thus making the average picture-goers understand better the skills and techniques of cinematography and therefore be able to fully appreciate the art of cinema.

A batch of 325 productions from 48 countries was received to participate in the festival and the winners were awarded the Golden Knight trophy, and a certificate for the best five entries in the festival.

The event was held in the Republic of Malta.

Source: ifilmtv