Art and ExperienceIran short film ‘Mother of Lambs’ is to compete among finalists of 2018 Tryon International Film festival in the US.

Directed by Soheila Pourmohammadi, the flick’s name in Persian is ‘Varema’ which means a sheep that bears a lamb. The word also indicates a mother’s love and emotions toward her kid(s).

The 18-minute film narrates the life story of a young family of three. The family farms animals and lives on the outskirts of Roudbar- a city in northern Iran.

The mother of the family loves their animals like she does her kid and does anything in her power to maintain them.

18th edition of the Tryon International Film festival is set to be held on October 15-17, 2018 in Southern California, the US.

Source: ifilmtv