Art and ExperienceIran short film ‘Limit’ has been scheduled to go on the silver screen at the 9th edition of International Entr’2 Marches Film Festival in France.

The 7-minute short film is about the difficulties and problems in the daily lives of people with disability who are afraid to involve actively in society because of the presuppositions and judgments.

Directed by Javad Daraei, ‘Limit’ is a spiritual adaption that employs novel metaphors to challenge the cliché hardships for physically impaired people.

International Festival Entr’2 marches (Between 2 steps) in Cannes is a festival of short movies, less than 26 minutes, with French subtitles. The subject of these movies is about disabled people. This festival is organized by the French Association for the Paralyzed. It takes place during the Cannes Film Festival.

The 2018 edition of the event is slated for May 12-18, Cannes, France.

Source: ifilmtv