Art and ExperienceIranian short film ‘Forouzan’ has been scheduled to be screened at the first edition of Astoria  Film Festival in the US.

Directed by Abbas Khosravinejad, the short film is slated to be screened at the US film event.

‘Forouzan’ narrates the story of a young woman whose husband has recently passed away.

She lives with her two young children in a village, and protects a herd of sheep against the night attacks by thieves.

The flick has so far succeeded to take part at Pickurflick Indie Film Festival (PIFF) in India, Queen City Cinephiles in the US, and the High Peak Independent Film Festival in the UK.

The 2018 edition of  Astoria  Film Festival has been slated for June 8-9, in New York, the US.