Art and ExperienceIran short ‘Are You Volleyball?’ by Mohammad Bakhshi has won award at IPAS Film Festival in Greece.

Some 55 short films and 20 documentaries from 22 countries competed for award and Bakhshi’s flick succeeded to receive Audience Choice award of the festival.

The film features a group of Arabic-speaking asylum seekers who try to make their way to the border in an English speaking country.

They get into a conflict with border guards every day up until a deaf-mute child becomes a catalyst for better communication between the two sides.

‘Are You Volleyball?’ has so far attended several internationally acclaimed film events and succeeded to win a number of awards, including 35th Sport Movies & TV Festival in Milan, Al-Nahj International Film Festival in Iraq, 6th Speechless Film Festival in the US and BCN Sports Film Festival in Spain.

The IPAS Film Festival is dedicated to the work of filmmakers from around the world with defiantly independent social visions.

The second run of the festival was held on April 16-22, 2018 in Greece.

Source: ifilmtv