Art and ExperienceIran has produced the first season of ‘Sarina’, an animated series aimed to boost the morale of children battling cancer.

Asadollah Dianati, the head of Rezwan Studio and the producer of ‘Sarina’, said the first season is composed of 13 seven-minute episodes.

He noted that the project aims to raise the morale of children with cancer amid negative messages they receive from their surroundings and the common belief that cancer is incurable in addition to their poor physical health and the “annoying” treatment they undergo.

“Sarina, the heroine of the animated series, contracts a disease due to the cruelty of a monster. The side effects of her disease are similar to those of cancer where she loses her beautiful hair,” Dianati said.

Sarina, however, does not give up and fights the monster with the help of her brother. She eventually defeats the monster and her disease is treated, he added.

The series, directed by Kianoush Abedi, was produced in cooperation with Koodakan Charity, Dianati said, adding that negotiations are underway with Iran’s Ministry of Health and Medical Education to produce four sequel seasons for the animated series.

Source: ifilmtv