Art and Experience:  The 70th Berlin International Film Festival announced on Thursday that Berlinale Spotlight, the festival’s special program arranged for outside of the festival period, will be held in Iran and South Asia.

The Tehran International Short Film Festival, which will be held from November 10 to 15, will present a lineup of four short films in the program titled “Berlinale Spotlight: Berlinale Shorts”.

The four films have been chosen by Simone Späni, a member of the festival’s selection committee. She will also attend the Tehran festival to talk about the Berlinale Shorts profile, the selection process and working with the short film format.

The lineup includes three films from France, which are “Planet Sigma” directed by Momoko Seto, “Catching Fire” by Michaël Soyez and “The Tasmanian Tiger” by Vergine Keaton.

“Wishing Well” directed by Sylvia Schedelbauer from Germany will also be reviewed during the program.

Berlinale Spotlights in Iran and South Asia invites audiences to discover the diversity and artistic innovation of Berlinale Shorts,” said Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck, head of the Berlinale Shorts competition

“Short film has always had a special significance within the Berlinale. It captivates viewers with its radical complexity in both content and formality. The works overcome boundaries, genre conventions and established patterns of thought,” she added.

Berlinale Spotlight: Berlinale Shorts in South Asia also consists of presenting four short films that will be reviewed at various festivals in the South Asian region this year and next year.

Source: Tehrantimes