Art and Experience: A lineup of Iranian films is set to have Chicago premiere at 28th Annual Festival of Films from Iran.

The festival incorporating two week-long runs from February 3 to March 1.

The flims to screen at the US state of Chicago include titles such as ‘Azar’ by Mohammad Hamzei, ‘Blockage’ by Mohsen Gharaie and the elegant and contemplative ‘24 Frames’, the final work by Iranian mega-director Abbas Kiarostami.

Completed posthumously and premiered at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Kiarostami’s final film is a simple but profound work composed of twenty-four short film sequences.

‘Azar’ follows the story of a non-traditional wife and mother and ‘Blockage’ is about the rhythm of Tehran’s crowded and chaotic shopping streets which sets the pace for a narration.

The list of screenings goes on to include ‘Disappearance’ (film photo shown above) by Ali Asgari and ‘Negar’ by Rambod Javan.

In the time-honored tradition of Iranian cinema, a quest is at the heart of ‘Disappearance’, but one that becomes a moral maze without an exit for a young couple. A real estate magnate’s suicide following his bankruptcy also unfolds the story of ‘Negar’.

“The festival showcases the production of a nation where cinema is constantly changing and evolving on the cutting edge,” a note on the event says, adding that it presents “a view on contemporary Persian culture through the eyes of Iran’s filmmakers.”

Source: ifilmtv