Art and ExperienceLate Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami is to be honored at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) with a posthumous prize.

APSA commended the great Iranian postmodernist’s final feature ‘24 Frames’ by scheduling to give him posthumous admission to the APSA Academy.

“‘24 Frames’ is an exquisite reverie on scenes from nature. Through still, but precise frames, and aided by subtle staging or effects, he captures the haunting, haiku-like poetry of nature, its beauty, amorousness and brutality. The play with the double meaning of ‘frame’ reflects his profound mediation on the cinematic form,” said Kim Hong-joon, member of the APSA international nominations council.

‘24 Frames’ is an experimental project highlighting the last three years of Kiarostami’s life. It is a collection of two dozen short films inspired by still images, including paintings and photographs.

Kiarostami is known for making other visually elaborate films such as ‘Certified Copy’, ‘Taste of Cherry’, and ‘Through the Olive Trees’. He died in July 2016.

The 11th edition of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards will take place in Brisbane, Australia, on November 23.

Source: ifilmtv