Art and ExperienceIran film ‘The  Shop Window’ has screened at university of Berkeley in California, US.

The film screened at the American university while the director Abdolreza Monjazi couldn’t attend the screening sessions as he wasn’t able to acquire travel visa.

According to a media report, one of the professors of the university attending the film screening session said the film has a philosophical and poetic idea which takes it beyond the boundaries of everyday life.

He added that the film reminded him of Italian neorealist works which take you back and forth in time. It has a mysterious storyline.

Amir Zobdeh, Bita Allahyari, Vinsar Abbaszadeh and Arsha Hassanpour star in this medium-length film.

Iranian musician Nima Oraki has made the flick’s soundtrack.

‘The  Shop Window’ recently premiered at Iranian Artist Forum.

Source: ifilmtv