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An image featuring Sareh Bayat in a new film ‘Ninth Symphony’ by ifilm director has been out.

Directed by Mohammad-Reza Honarmand, the new film has undergone the editing stage. According to a media report, the film is set to attend the 37th Fajr Film Festival in Iran.

The Iranian film star, Sareh Bayat, who plays a part in this new production, is no stranger to ifilm viewers as she has been in a number of series aired by the channel including ‘A Fistful of Eagle Feathers’ and ‘The Innocent Ones’.

A brief synopsis of ‘Ninth Symphony’ reads, “Perhaps, falling in love is everyone’s last chance of being a human. Do you agree?”

Hamid Farrokhnejad, Mohammad-Reza Foroutan, Pejman Bazeghi, Mehrdad Seddiqian, Alireza Kamali and Hoda Zeinolabedin are among the cast members of the new film.

Mohammad-Reza Honarmand, the director of the film has already made several successful films and series, some of which have been aired by ifilm including  ‘The Chef’, ‘Mummy 3’, ‘The Wrong Guy’ and ‘Dear, I’m in no Mood’.

Source: ifilmtv