Art and ExperienceIranian film ‘Mahoora’ has been scheduled to go on the silver screen in summer.

Directed by Hamid Zargarnejad, the movie went on the silver screen at the 36th edition of the Fajr Film Festival.

The film depicts the story of a border village in Iran where people have a strange local custom.

‘Mahoora’ features popular Iranian actors such as Kamran Tafti, Bahareh Kian-Afshar, Dariush Arjmand, Saeed Aqakhani, Mitra Hajjar, Ali Osivand and Yousef Moradian.

Notable among the movie’s cast is Iran veteran actor Dariush Arjmand who took on a different look in the flick.

Arjmand has appeared in the series ‘Imam Ali’, ‘The Days of Life’, ‘The Grey Land’, ‘Empty Frames’, ‘A Piece of Land’, ‘Hidden Secret’, ‘Setayesh 1 and 2’, ‘The King’s Secret’ and ‘Misunderstanding of a Dream’.

For his performance in Nasser Taqvaee’s ‘Capitan Khorshid’ in 1986, Arjmand received a Crystal Simorgh from the Fajr International Film Festival.

He also received a Crystal Simorgh for Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role for ‘Killing Dogs’ in 2000.

Source: ifilmtv