Art and ExperienceIran film ‘Kejal’, which was premiered at Le Marche Du Film of 2018 Festival de Cannes, has revealed international poster.

The poster for Nima Yar’s film is designed by Arman Khorramak.

Produced by Javad Norouz-Beigi, ‘Kejal’ takes a close look at the life story of a girl in destitute who is forced to drop out of school. Her family condition makes her go and live a very difficult life of a worker.

The cast members of the film are Samira Zokaee, Maryam Bobani and Nastaran Mohammadi.

The flick’s first international premiere is at the 2018 Market section (Le Marche du Film) of Festival de Cannes.

Being the first feature film for Nima Yar as a director, ‘Kejal’ is being distributed internationally by ArtHouse Cinematheque slaes agent.


Source: ifilmtv