Art and ExperienceIranian documentary ‘The Iron Dream’ has been scheduled to go on the silver screen at this year’s edition of Travel Film Festival in Cyprus.

The event is slated for 19-22 October 2017.

The documentary attends the competition section of the festival to compete with other documentaries from Britain, Italy, Australia, France, and Czech Republic.

Directed by Yaser Talebi and Produced by Mitra Roohimanesh, the synopsis of the documentary reads: “A revolution was launched after Reza Shah inaugurated the North-South Railway in 1938. Construction of Iran’s countrywide railway not only changed the Middle East but it also changed the whole world. It made Iran the “Bridge of Victory” of the triumph of the allied forces against the Nazi Germany.”

The film narrates the story of the travel of Masoud Jamali, an Iranian-German researcher, who lives in Nurenburg and decides to visit Iran to narrate the story of an event which was determinant that time on the fate of Iran, Germany and many European countries.

‘The Iron Dream’ won Best Director Award at the Niece International Film Festival of World Cinema, France,  2017.

Source: ifilmtv