Art and ExperienceFamed Iran actor Reza Attaran has been featured in backstage photo of Iran-Canada cinematic project titled ‘Free Like Air’.

The great comedian/director well-known to ifilmers with series and movies such as ‘Sweet and Sour’ and ‘No Men Allowed’ has finished shooting for Abdolreza Kahani’s new offering with a mix of Iranian, Canadian and French cast and crew.

Famed French actress Ophélie Bau costars with Attaran in the flick which is a dark comedy.

Director Kahani published the photo on his social media feed, commenting, “From Behind-the-scenes of ‘Free Like Air’ film”

The new flick is reportedly in English and French with cinemas in Canada and France to release the title billed as “biggest cinematic project of Iran and Canada.”

Attaran was nominated for two Crystal Simorgh awards at Fajr Film Festival for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his roles in ‘I’m Sleepy’ and ‘The Corridor’.

In 2011, the actor also won Diploma of Honor from the Iran Society of Film Critics & Writers for his role in ‘Absolutely Tame Is a Horse’.

Source: ifilmtv