Art and ExperienceIran’s cop drama ‘Michael’ by Sirous Moghaddam brought Russian event’s honorary diploma of the best criminal and detective series to Iran.

Produced by Deputy Social Affairs of NAJA (Persian acronym for Law Enforcement Force of Islamic Republic of Iran), Michael has won the Diploma of Honor at the 18th international film festival of detective films and television programs DetectiveFEST in Moscow.

The event was held, while countries like Germany, Spain, Russia, India, Switzerland, Austria, Chile, Argentina, Morocco, the Philippines, etc. were Iran’s main competitors.

Michael narrates the story of a police officer with the same name whose old friend has been mistakenly the victim of a conspiracy. Michael who is a very hardworking and ambitious police, more determined to establish peace and order, takes action over the issue with the support of the people.

Organized by the non-commercial partnership “Detective Production Company, DetectiveFEST was established in 1999. The principal activity of the Company is organizing the annual International Film and TV Festival of detective films and television programs on law-enforcement themes “Law and Society.” The slogan of the Festival is “fight against crime and terrorism is an international responsibility!”

The 18th edition of DetectiveFEST is being held in Moscow from 20th to the 24th of April, 2016.