Art and Experience: The 18th Iran Cinema Celebration is dramatically increasing the number of its jurors to counter widespread criticism of decisions made in the previous edition of the movie gala, which the Iranian House of Cinema holds annually in September.

The decision was announced by the secretary of the celebration, Kamal Tabrizi, who is also a veteran filmmaker, during a press conference on Monday evening.

He also elaborated on the structure of the team assigned to enhance the performance of the celebration.

300 top experts—from cineastes to graphic designers, painters and writers—will first select nominees in 12 categories, Tabrizi said.

Next, 170 artists will join the jurors to select the winners, he added.

Tabrizi claimed he had not been influenced by any famous film galas put on by other countries in his decision to form the selecting board and jury panel.

He also said that cinema in Iran differs from what is in the world and added that Iranian cinema mainly relies on indigenous innovations and experimental approaches within the country.

The Iranian House of Cinema organizes the celebration annually to commemorate Iran’s National Day of Cinema, which falls on September 11 this year.