Art and Experience: The organizers of the Iran Cinema Celebration announced on Tuesday that the winners of the gala will be announced without any award ceremony due to the current economic climate in the country.

“The decision was made by the organizers based on the current situation of the country, which has encountered cultural and economic problems, and we felt we must do our share,” Iranian House of Cinema director Manuchehr Shahsavari said during a press conference.

“We are passing through days filled with sorrow, and considering our deep patriotic feelings, we decided to hold the celebration with good film judgment but avoid any big ceremony,” he explained.

“This was a hard decision for us because we were supposed to enjoy a good day but this is a group decision,” he said.

Actor Ali Nasirian, the president of the 20th edition of the Iran Cinema Celebration, also hoped that the celebration would be held with the best way possible filled with kindness and friendship.

“We must avoid any unfriendly behaviors. These types of celebrations are held to promote peace and friendship,” Nasirian said.

Cinematographer Turaj Mansuri, the secretary of the policy-making council of Iran Cinema Celebration, also present at the event, said that no decision has been made on how to hold the celebration, adding, “There have been different propositions such as announcing the winners through the media or live on TV, however, our main goal is to reduce expenses”

The Iranian House of Cinema organizes the celebration annually to commemorate Iran’s National Day of Cinema on September 12.

However, this year the date coincides with the Muharram mourning season, and the exact date of the gala will be announced later.

Source: Tehran Times