Art and Experience: The Iranian House of Cinema will not be holding the 22nd edition of Iran Cinema Celebration like previous years, while it plans to spend the costs for its members instead.

Ramin Heidari Farqui, Director of the Higher Association of Iranian Cinematic Arts and Techniques, an affiliate with the Iranian House of Cinema, announced in a press release published on Saturday.

“Based on the current condition of the country battling the coronavirus outbreak, the House of Cinema’s Board of Directors believe that the house is not ready to pay for the celebration and prefers to ameliorate the financial problems of its members,” Faruqi said.

The Iranian House of Cinema organizes the celebration annually to commemorate Iran’s National Day of Cinema on September 12.

He added that the current situation is not predictable and it seems there cannot be a celebration as in past years, even when social distancing and health protocols are observed.

“We all know that it is not possible to get together and enjoy the happiness of a celebration, but all members agree to try a new method in voting and announce the winners,” he added.

In a meeting held recently, the organizers decided to announce the winners online since the voting will also be online.

“Our cinema needs encouragement, it needs happiness. Cinema requires news and attention, and we must try to promote cinema. We shall make our best efforts to find a creative method and will not permit this great cinematic event to be forgotten,” he noted.

“However, we are trying to find a new method to do voting and we might think about holding a symbolic celebration with lower costs,” he concluded.

This is not something new for the Iranian cinema celebration.

In 2018, the organizers announced that the winners of the gala would be announced without any a party afterwards due to the economic climate in the country.

“The decision was made by the organizers based on the current situation of the country, which has encountered cultural and economic problems, and we felt we must do our share,” Iranian House of Cinema director Manuchehr Shahsavari had said.

“We are passing through days filled with sorrow, and considering our deep patriotic feelings, we decided to hold the celebration with good film judgment but avoid any sizeable ceremony,” he had explained.

“This was a difficult decision for us because we were supposed to enjoy a good day but this is a group decision,” he had said.

Actor Ali Nasirian, the president of the 20th edition of the Iran Cinema Celebration, had also hoped that the celebration would be held in the best way possible filled with kindness and friendship.

“We must avoid any unfriendly behavior. These types of celebrations are held to promote peace and friendship,” Nasirian had said.

Cinematographer Turaj Mansuri, the secretary of the policy-making council of Iran Cinema Celebration, also had said that the main goal was to reduce expenses.

Source: Tehrantimes