Art and Experience: Art and Experience’s director of political council talked about the reasons behind the attendance of Art and Experience group in the market of Fajr International Film Festival with Mehr News.

Amirhossein Alamalhoda, executive manager of Art and Experience political council described the most important reason of this group’s presence in Fajr International Film Festival’s market as introducing the existence of this section in Iranian cinema to other countries. “Even though we haven’t the rights of the films in foreign countries yet, we are trying to use this chance in the market to introduce Art and Experience’s achievements and films to other countries. “He said.

He added “I know Art and Experience and the activities that is being made in it are not existed in countries like South Korea, Japan and China but I have heard that China is recently thinking of Art and Experience cinema’s discussion and how to support this cinema in their country. We shouldn’t forget that screening cinema or the popular cinema can’t breathe without Art and Experience Cinema because cinema’s framework needs creativity and Art and Experience makes the environment for creativity. The successful activity of Art and Experience cinema in these three years in Iran can be an example and idol for Asian countries. We are looking for a good schedule to place these experiences more seriously as an phenomena available for Eastern and middle Asian countries. Iranian cinema has been a cinema for past 120 years that was just a consumer of the procedure and methods. It is true that we use worldwide experiences to grow our cinema but we hope to provide a method in return to Asian countries.