Art and ExperienceIranian actress Niyousha Zayghami and Lebanese actor/director Sally Basma have appeared in second season of ‘Iranian Rally’.

The contest film which finished cinematography a while back features Zayghami and Basma who are seen together in an online video on the set.

The filming locations for the new offering of Arash Moayerian were diverse including some scenes captured on the Iranian Island of Qeshm.

The second season of the title just like the first one showcases action scenes and off-road riding adventures.

Born July 9, 1980 in Tehran, Niyousha Zeyghami has an academic degree in Child Psychology.

She graduated from the Young Cinema Society in 2005 and was cast for a role in the series ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ (2003-2009).

She also acted in the series ‘Tell the Truth’ (2012).

Zeyghami has appeared in several movies, including ‘The Juggler’ (2004), ‘The Confrontation’ (2004), ‘My Sin’ (2006), ‘Hidden Feeling’ (2006), ‘Parkway’ (2006), ‘The Outcasts’ (2006), ‘Forced Blessing’ (2007), ‘The Outcasts 2’ (2008), ‘Extreme Cold’ (2009), ‘Mirror and Candlestick’ (2012) and ‘Iran Burger’ (2014).

Source: ifilmtv