Art and ExperienceThe sound for the Iranian animation ‘The Elephant King’ is made in the US.

“Based on the experience we gained from the Iranian blockbuster ‘Muhammad: The Messenger of God’ for using salon effects, we decided to make the sound of ‘The Elephant King’ in the US”, said Hossein Mahdavi, the sound director of the animation.

He added that despite all the professional experts that are active in salon effects in Iran, the group couldn’t reach the desired sound quality so we had to do it outside Iran.

‘The Elephant King’ is an Iranian animation film produced by Iran-based Honar Pooya Group.

Running for 90 mins in collaboration with a team of 150 professionals, the animated film has the largest number of characters among Iranian animations.

Set in Africa, the animation film ‘The Elephant King’ narrates the story of an elephant who rules over its group like a king.

The queen bears him a son and everybody expects the son to replace his father as heir to the throne. The clumsy baby elephant, however, disappoints them all.