Art and ExperienceIranian animated piece ‘Release from Heaven’ directed by Ali Noori Oskouei will soon go on screen at the 2018 International Peace & Film Festival.

The cinematic event is scheduled to convene in Orlando, Florida through January 18-20, 2018 and will play host to Release from Heaven.

The 76-minute animated film is directed by Ali Noori Oskouei, written by Majid Asoodegan, and produced by Ali Noori Oskouei and Seyed Vahid Olyaee.

Set in a war torn city, Release from heaven tells the story of Sareh, a school teacher and a writer. Every night, she tells stories to her students who find solace in them. But when the school is attacked and destroyed she sets out on a journey with two of her students to help them find their parents. During their quest, she starts to realize that the hero of her stories might be real.

Release from Heaven has so far won a number of international awards including the Grand Prize for Best Animation category at SICAF film festival in South Korea, Best Feature Animation Award at the summer edition of Hong Kong International Film Festival, and Best Animation Award at the Animation Day of the 70th edition Cannes Film Festival.

Another Iranian production to appear at IPFF 2018 is Hypnotism, a short film by Arshia Zeinali, which narrates the routine story of the people who are involved thoroughly in the modern life and their human identity is manipulated by change in their unconscious mind and seems all felled in a self-made sleep.

Also, Reza Golchin’s Short Documentary Track will take part at the event. The plot revolves around the long difficult path children take to attend school in the Talesh city in northern mountains of Iran.

The 2018 International Peace & Film Festival combines the excitement of film with the goodwill of cultural exchange. The impact of blending a peace and film festival brings mutual benefit to audiences and participants through the diversity of attendees and their talents in cinematic art.

IPFF will be held in the Cinépolis IMAX theater and will include screenings of top selected films, and the Izuminka Euro Fashion Expo during the awards ceremony.

“We received over one hundred films from 30+ countries in the first few days of submissions and expect that to increase between now the closing date in November,” said Jef Gray, festival director.

The International Peace and Film Festival was founded by the festival director, Jef Gray, as an outreach project for people of all nations to come together and engage in peace and cultural exchange. The festival offers an immersive experience in worldwide independent film, culture, fashion, art, knowledge sharing in a non political environment.

Source: mehrnews