Art and Experience: The poster of the Fajr International Film Festival has been unveiled, depicting Ezzatolah Entezami in the applauded movie, “The Cow.”

According to The Public Relations Office of the 34th FIFF, the poster of the festival was unveiled in Charsoo Cineplex right before the first press conference of the festival.

Reza Mirkarimi, the director of the festival, and Reza Kianian, the executive manager of the festival attended the unveiling ceremony.

Kianian pointed out that they would love it for Ezzatolah Entezami to attend the unveiling ceremony and indicated: “You’ll find out the reason after the unveiling. He couldn’t be with us because of his illness.”

After unveiling the poster of the festival which depicts Ezzatolah Entezami in the movie, “The Cow” directed by Dariush Mehrjui, Mirkarimi stated: “In a lot of festivals worldwide, it is common to publicize a film festival using a frame with such national impact. Moreover, the portrayal of celebrated figures on such posters could pay these actors tribute.

On the other hand, “The Cow” is an internationally acclaimed film and has also been endorsed by Imam Khomeini. It is worth adding that, this film has paved the way for the Iranian post-revolution cinema.”

34th Fajr International Film Festival will be held on April 20th to 25th 2016 in Charsoo Cineplex in Tehran.

According to Tehran Times, The unveiling ceremony was held by the secretary of the the festival, Reza Mirkarimi, and the director of the convention center for the festival, Reza Kianian, at the beginning of a press conference at Tehran’s Charsoo Cineplex.
“Mehrjui’s movie was selected because it won Iran’s first award in an international event,” Mirkarimi said.
A forerunner of the Iranian New Wave cinema, “The Cow” won the International Critics Prize of the Venice Film Festival in 1971.
Mirkarimi said that the festival’s Moustapha Akkad Award will be renamed the Muhammad (S), the Trustworthy Award.
The festival established the Moustapha Akkad Award in 2007 to honor documentary and feature-length films promoting faith and moral values.
The organizers announced their plan to spotlight French cinema by screening some movies from the country’s prominent filmmakers.
They also plan to organize meetings and workshops by some international film experts.
Charsu Cinema Complex surrounded by a variety of museums and historical places provides great opportunities for sightseeing in downtown Tehran, said Kianian.
A selection of 12 new movies from world cinema and three Iranian films will go on screen in the official section.
Over 150 international directors, actors, film critics and journalist from around the globe have been invited to attend the festival that will be held in the complex from April 20 to 20.