Art and Experience: India’s “Dangal” is set to swap places with “Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2” and take the top spot at the Chinese box office. Both will trounce newly released “King Arthur.”

The Aamir Khan-starring “Dangal” topped the Chinese charts on both Friday and Saturday, with sharply improved scores, compared with its opening frame. On Friday “Dangal” grossed $6.21 million, followed by $13.9 million on Saturday. The previous weekend “Dangal” had scores of $2.27 million and $4.70 million on the comparable days and finished its three-day opening with $11.3 million.

Exhibitors increased the film’s outings to 35,000 screenings on Friday and 55,000 on Saturday. That compared with an average of 30,000 a week ago. Per screen takings were the highest in the chart.

After nine days “Dangal” has a cumulative of $47.2 million in China. That puts it some way behind “Guardians,” which released on the same day and stands on a cume of $75.4 million.

“King Arthur” opened on Friday in fourth place and climbed to third on Saturday. After two days, it has scored $3.73 million. “Power Rangers,” which also opened on Friday, has earned $2.68 million to date. “The Fate of the Furious” has now edged up to $383 million after 30 days on release.

Source: Variety