Art and Experience: Han Sang re, the cultural advisor of the Republic of South Korea in Iran, in a special message for “Art and Experience” talks about the history of cultural efforts and exchanges between Iran and Korea.  He noted the importance of continuing this process. In this message, he expressed his condolences to the people of our country who, like other people in the world, are facing the Corona crisis.

In this message, he first prayed for the souls of the loved ones who lost their lives due to corona and praised the services of our country’s medical staff who are sincerely working to fight corona.

He noted that the second wave of corona had caused problems in the Republic of Korea. “Audiences are still banned from watching movies in cinemas.”

“Of course, with some facilities, such as watching movies outdoors or in the car in a cinematic place, cinema enthusiasts try to watch the film at a distance,” he said, talking about the new ways of showing films. “Despite Corona’s illness, the Korean embassy is trying to promote cultural exchanges with Iran and continues to do so. Our ambassador, Mr. Ryu Jeong-hyun, along with embassy staff, posted a video clips on 20 April to promote the prevention of coronavirus and posted them on Instagram, which has been viewed about 17,000 times.”

“The Korean embassy held an origami competition with the subject of Korean wave for Iranians who stayed at home due to Corona during the peak of the disease, as well as an online Korean-language speech contest and a painting competition of Seoul,” he said. “We have arranged for the Korean capital to have a cultural exchange so that Iranians can become more familiar with the Koreans.”

“As in the past, we are trying to follow the plans of the Korean Embassy and, by reducing the growth rate of Corona, to hold festivals such as the 2020 Korean Film Festival and performances to increase familiarity and closeness between us,” he said.